Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February's Read

And my Book Club says ....................
2.5 stars
for Water, Stone, Heart by Will North

To sum it up, an okay book. We read his first novel, The Long Walk Home, last year and liked it much better than this one.

Our favorite thing about Mr. North's writing is his in-depth descriptions of the settings. Although, in this novel, they seemed to go on and on. There were times when some of us thought, "Enough already, move on with the story."

Alright, so I zoned out (while watching Apolo Ohno take the bronze) when Flora, the bartender and an important character, was introduced. For the rest of the book, I was lost with her. So, I asked my Book Club what they thought she looked like and this is what they said

Is this what you thought, too? Me...not so much, but I'll go with it.
Please tell me you zone out, too. My zone outs go something like this, "I really need to clean my windows. I haven't called my mom for a few days. A cup of coffee sure sounds good. I probably drink too much coffee. I wonder if my teeth are looking stained? Was that the dryer buzzing? Oh, Divine Design is coming on.. squee dah, bah dah bah bah dah, oh it's a repeat... No, No I am reading FOCUS, FOCUS" then I get right back to it and realize that I have read 2 pages and have not a clue what either said. THIS IS NORMAL, RIGHT? YOU DO IT TOO, RIGHT?
Back to the book - Do you remember hearing about The Flood of Boscastle in Cornwall in 2004 on our national news? I do not. Another reason I love to read! Here is a video about it. WOW!

The book's ending - we were all a bit disappointed here. It happened too quickly. The characters were in such danger during the flood and the town was being destroyed before their eyes. But, within a little less than a couple of chapters, everything was resolved.
Have you read it? If not, give it a read and let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...


You are doing a great job! And, yes I zone out - thought is was an age thing, thank god. Jan was down here visiting this week and we had a great time. Ask her about our facials. I did not read the book and she shared that it was not the group's favorite. I hope you like Midwives. It should definately spark some discussion!

Anonymous said...

I zone too and feel guilty as well. But I feel more quilty sitting around watching too many reruns and not reading at all!