Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Told You So...

Did you see the I-pad on Oprah today? See, I told you...this is why I would much rather buy new curtains than any piece of technology. Just when the thought of actually purchasing a Kindle even entered my radar screen, BOOM-it is already ancient history. The I-pad is totally cool and includes all the features of the Kindle and so much more (including color). Will I buy it? No way. First of all, I have to buy a new kitchen table (I accidentally sold mine, oops) and I give it six months before they come out with the new and improved I-pad! I just can't play the "You'll Never Catch Me" technology game. My new kitchen table and curtains will last a good few years, right? So, PUBLIC LIBRARY, NO FEAR... I will be there on Monday to pay my fine and check out my next book club selection!

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